Alexio is now available for pre-order on Xbox and PlayStation!

Is there anything better than to spend the whole weekend with your friends when you have Quackbox 720 plugged into TV, and the brand new game just came out from the box into your hands? Actually I have a list of great things to do instead, but today I would love you to join us and play Alexio. This game is a blast among the fans of really hard and challenging titles. You’re gonna love it!

The premise is simple: this is the game about the little duckling Alex. The day when he turned 6 he learned the hard truth from his father — to become a true drake he had to complete the journey on his own and find his monobrow during his travels. Alex had a hard time trying to get some sleep, because he knew that this journey would be the most exciting thing for him ever.

You will have to travel with Alex, overcome a set of obstacles and get through the meadows, lakes, mountains, woods, caves and ancient ruins on your way to the temple that keeps your hard-earned reward. Intriguing, right? This means it’s time to stop reading this and start playing!

Official pre-order trailer (Xbox One)

Pre-orders are now open for Xbox One. PlayStation 4 and Switch pre-orders will be available at a later date.

  • Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S

  • PlayStation 4/5 (coming soon)

  • Nintendo Switch (coming 2022)

Pre-order it now for a mere $4.99, and don't forget to visit the official Alexio page! Or you can simply request your review code by replying directly to this message.

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