Asym Altered Axis Announces First Alpha Test To Begin on October 18th

Tokyo, Japan - October 11th, 2022 - Developer MIXI, Inc is excited to announce that Asym Altered Axis, a Cross-genre Asymmetric Heist Game, is hosting its first Alpha Test from October 18th 20:00 (PDT). Anyone can join the Alpha Test by requesting playtest access from its Steam page.

Ahead of its Alpha Test, MIXI, Inc has also debuted a new Alpha Test Trailer showing off the tense strategy mechanics and high-octane action to be had. To keep up to date with Asym Altered Axis: wishlist on Steam, join the Discord, and follow on Twitter.

“We’re so excited to finally be able to invite players to the Alpha playtest because their feedback is invaluable,” said Yas Hayakawa, the producer of Asym Altered Axis. “With a game like Asym where two totally different genres are colliding, players can choose which side they want to play. This allows Asym to embrace players with different play styles and create a shared space where players with different preferences can enjoy the game together.”

About the Alpha Test

  • What: In this Alpha Test, players will be able to experience the cross-genre battle, the core gameplay of Asym

  • When: From October 18th 20:00 to October 23rd 23:59 (PDT)

  • How To Join: Request a playtest access from Asym’s Steam page (Windows PC required)

  • Note:

  • Since this Alpha Test is conducted with the servers in the US, users might experience slight delay in the gameplay depending on the region

  • Match making may take time depending on the time of day and the number of participants in the test.

What is Asym Altered Axis Asym Altered Axis is a Cross-genre Asymmetric Heist Game between two different genres: real-time strategy base defense and co-op stealth action base raiding. The game is set in a near future and the players are immigrants to "Asym", another digital world that exists in parallel with the devastated reality where players are fighting over digital resources called Cells.

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