The Hague, Netherlands – September 27th 2022 - Developer Pharos Interactive released their puzzle adventure game Kredolis today on Steam. PC players can now jump directly into a freshly unsunken Atlantean isle and unveil all of the mysteries it holds…

Kredolis players will explore a vibrant, colorful island in first-person using nothing but their wits – and the lore left behind by the island’s long-gone inhabitants – to progress and reveal the secrets of the isle’s past. After becoming shipwrecked in a thunderstorm, players will need to solve innovative puzzles and challenges to piece together where they’ve been stranded and what happened to those that came before them.

Kredolis is about bringing back the sense of mystery and adventure I had playing puzzle games growing up. Today, there aren't many games that evoke the same feelings that Myst and other classics did for me. I want players to lose themselves in puzzles and stories, and I hope they're able to do that within the unique setting of Kredolis.” – Pharos Interactive Kredolis is an impressive debut offering from Pharos Interactive, featuring fully narrated discoverable lore, unique puzzles that push players to think on their feet, and a stunning visual style underscored by scenic environments of oceanfront, foliage, architecture, and more.

Kredolis is also one of five indie titles funded via the Bright Gambit Initiative revealed earlier this year. Bright Gambit was launched in January 2022 with the explicit goal of supporting indie developers and funding their debut releases. Purchase Kredolis on steam HERE. or on Epic Games Store: HERE

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