House Flipper brings some April Fools’ renovation time!

You might have already recognized the background of this year’s April Fools’ House Flipper update, but if you didn’t, worry not!

Let’s take a look at a couple of tips!

We have 2 new apartments to purchase and renovate, both in the same building, door to door, in a pretty unique setting. The whole place really has that retro sitcom-like feel to it, doesn’t it?

It just looks like a great place for a bunch of friends to live there, right?... right!?

On top of that, you can also expect a bunch of new items that not only fit the mentioned apartments perfectly but will surely brighten up any of your future interior design projects!

Not to mention that with Simfest being underway, you now have a chance to grab House Flipper at a bargain, with a 50% discount, as well as get the HGTV DLC with a 25% discount!

About Frozen District:

An independent game development studio filled with gaming enthusiasts who are led by the need of creating gaming titles with passion and respect for gamers. Thanks to the unique atmosphere and non-conventional workflow, the company keeps a fresh look at the gaming industry and uses the experience gathered this way in their projects.

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