Indie GameBoy RPG released on PC, GB rom and web

Dragon Battle, the new GameBoy-inspired RPG that playtesters called "insanely hard," "joyful", and "highly addictive", has just released to Steam and after 2+ years in development.

Release includes free-to-play online version (on along with downloadable versions for PC (via Steam) and GameBoy ROM (via The core game art is also available on OpenGameArt.


Dragon Battle is a loop of 25 dragon encounters with a brief stop at the marketplace in between, culminating in the final showdown against the Dragon King.

4 classes to choose from:

[*] serf / peasant on a quest for vengence

[*] knight on a noble quest

[*] wizard in training

[*] ryukyu / karate apprentice

As you progress through the game, your skills and spells organically level up ... with some steady buffs, too, to give the players all the help they can get. You're gonna need it, these beasties get tougher and tougher! Experience points are earned through failure, and the game's super-crunchy combat system provides lots of opportunity for failed skill checks! With 25 total dragon battles against 9 different dragons that lead up to the final encounter with the Dragon King, there's also lots of opportunity to hone your skills as you prepare for the final encounter. Higher level dragons randomly drop magic weapons and armor, and many semi-magic items are available for sale in the market. Level up your riddle skill and unlock the secret peaceful ending!

The game itself unfolds like the retelling of an ancient myth, with all the dramatic action that narrative storytelling can provide. Great play-acting material for Dungeon Masters / Game Masters who want to work on their narrative technique.


[*] Beautiful 8-bit Gameboy pixel art

[*] Rockin' original chip tune soundtrack

[*] Super-crunchy custom rpg ruleset

[*] 10 unique dragons

[*] 20+ different riddles

[*] Endless hours of gameplay

[*] Extensive Players Guide on Steam, check the documentation pages!

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includes free-to-play online version. (The only feature missing is an auto-save after each successful dragon combat.)

art assets:

creative commons licensing. use in your own projects, make fan art, have fun with it.

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