Monster Hunter and Mega Man X Composer Yuko Komiyama Joins Scarlet Moon

SAN DIEGO - June 15, 2022 - Scarlet Moon is thrilled to announce composer Yuko Komiyama has joined their roster of musical talent. Komiyama--best known for her work on the Monster Hunter and Mega Man X series--is eager to dive into indie game development and lend her skills to projects big and small. In addition to her work on these storied Capcom franchises, Komiyama has worked with Square Enix on arrangements for the Final Fantasy Record Keeper, Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, and Kingdom Hearts series, composed music for Disney on their Tsum Tsum and Big Hero 6 animations, and contributed music to advertising the Pokémon series. Komiyama's full biography and credits list can be found on her Scarlet Moon Artists page where an all-new never-before-heard battle theme is available to showcase her signature sound:

Yuko Komiyama's Bio, Reel, and Demo on Scarlet Moon Artists

"I am very happy to have become a member of Scarlet Moon," comments Komiyama. "This will actually be my first time working on independent games, and I hope to be of help to those making these games abroad. I am very much looking forward to meeting new teams and expressing new musical ideas. Let's work together to create wonderful works that will lead the future of games!"

"We are so excited to work with such an incredible talent," notes Scarlet Moon's Jayson Napolitano. "It's a huge honor to have been approached by Komiyama-san about joining the Scarlet Moon family and are looking forward to seeing and hearing what we're able to work on together with our development partners."

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About Yuko Komiyama

Yuko Komiyama is a composer and arranger based in Osaka, Japan. She learned to play the electone (electrical organ) at an early age and picked up bass, percussion, and many other instruments in her school bands. She went on to study performance, music theory, and instrumental music, showing interest in multiple genres including film score, game soundtracks, orchestral, techno, funk, and more.

After graduating from music academy, she joined Capcom in 2002, where she supervised and composed music for the MEGAMAN X and MONSTER HUNTER series, including live orchestral recordings for MONSTER HUNTER TRI, recorded in the Czech Republic. She has also composed the main themes for MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD and MONSTER HUNTER WORLD: ICEBORN, both of which were recorded in Nashville, Tennessee.

In 2010, Komiyama left Capcom and later resumed her musical activities at her personal study, comymusic. There, she arranged music for many beloved series such as Disney's TSUM TSUM animation series, FINAL FANTASY, and KINGDOM HEARTS, as well as creating music for the domestic and international advertising industry, including for POKéMON.

Yuko Komiyama is represented by Scarlet Moon Artists outside of Japan.

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About Scarlet Moon

Scarlet Moon is a music label supporting creators big and small. They are an artist roster of acclaimed musical talents available to handle all audio needs, a record label involved in music publishing, and a public relations partner to promoting game music. Scarlet Moon's sister brand, Violet Moon, promotes independent videogames.

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