New Tarantino-esque Wanted: Dead Trailer Blends Blood, Sweat & Style

Anticipated PS5, Xbox Series X/S & PC third-person action title showcases slick medley of violence to the tune of The Wild One

Tolochenaz, Switzerland - March 12th, 2022 - Wanted: Dead has taken The South by Southwest® Gaming Awards (SXSW®), which celebrates the wide reach of gaming across areas such as art, design, narrative, gameplay, cultural innovation, and more, by storm with the in-ceremony debut tonight of a new trailer for 110 Industries’ and Soleil’s high-octane action game that blends melee sword combat with exciting gunplay.

The new Wanted: Dead trailer is a perfect embodiment of the game’s unique mix of slick limb-severing violence, tongue in cheek humor and bombastic action - an expertly orchestrated cacophony of violence that offers a taste of the spectacular combat encounters to come.

Hosted by two of TV’s freshest faces — Jana Morrison (“Astrid”; Dragalia Lost video game, voice talent, English version) and Samantha Aucoin (“Lilly”), the heroic leads of Astrid & Lilly Save the World, SYFY network’s new, critically acclaimed series. In addition, a diverse roster of presenters from entertainment and sports has been assembled (see below), as well as some special partnerships and premiere content that’s shaped the ninth annual gaming industry celebration into a distinct, must-stream awards season event. Produced by Georgia-based Peach Maria Productions (pronounced muh-RY-uh), executive produced by Laurie Lockliear (upcoming esports reality competition series GameMaster), the Awards are available to watch at SXSW Online. Each year the SXSW Gaming Awards honor excellence throughout the industry, celebrating the talent that influences the medium and culture of gaming. The annual Gaming Awards celebrate the technical, artistic and design achievements of each year’s best titles and their creators. Following a rigorous process of nominee selections, this year’s Awards feature 40 unique games contending for honors in 12 categories (see list of nominees below). Created by 110 Industries and developed by Soleil, Wanted: Dead is a deep action title inspired by the mechanically rich combat systems found in titles like Devil May Cry, Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden. Set in a dark and dangerous vision of cyberpunk Hong Kong, it places players in the role of Lt. Hannah Stone, leader of an elite team known as the “Zombie Squad”, who work outside the purview of the traditional police force. Stone’s elite combat skills combine style and substance to deliver cool slow-motion sequences, badass John Wick-style finishers, a limb severing mechanic that changes enemy attack patterns and light tactical elements in the ability to issue orders to teammates.

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