Rogue Company Kicks Off Season 4 Today with the ‘Sinister Shadows’ Update

Introducing the new ‘Wanted’ Map and the Season 4 Battle Pass

ATLANTA – NOVEMBER 9 – Today, Rogue Company released the ‘Sinister Shadows’ update, launching Season 4 and delivering a generous batch of new content. The update just went live on all platforms simultaneously.

The new ‘Wanted’ Map takes players on a mission to Mexico. Check it out in this Rogue Company - Map Reveal: Wanted

The Yucatán peninsula is seeing intense gunfights as Rogue Company takes on a new contract. Long ago, these colourful streets also saw Chaac’s origin story unfold.

By popular demand, a Limited-Time Mode allows players to jump into some Rogue Company action on the new Wanted Map exclusively – and it’s available right now.

Battle Pass: Season 4

Rogues always look good while saving the day. Out now, the Season 4 Battle Pass delivers exactly what is needed to achieve that with fifty levels of rewards, including some available for free. Here is a video overview

Four top-quality Rogue Outfits depict sinister murderers each in their own style and full of flair. Nemesis Dahlia is unlocked instantly upon unlocking the Battle Pass, while Plague Witch Kestrel is the ultimate reward at level 50.

Another gem in the Season 4 Battle Pass is the ‘Tesla Strike’ Mythic Weapon Wrap, with electric reactive effects triggered upon firing.

Ranked Season 4

Today’s update marks the beginning of the fourth Ranked season of Rogue Company.

Ratings resets give a clean state to everyone. For the more recent recruits, now is the perfect time to taste some Rogue Company action in its most competitive setting. Veteran players start fresh, and they get to reap some hard-earned rewards for the end of Season 3.

You can dive into this next phase of high-level Rogue Company play with a new high-value bundle, the Season 4 Starter Pack. Starring the Data Stream Gl1tch Outfit, this pack also unlocks a thematic ‘Circuit Breaker’ Weapon Wrap and gives back 300 Rogue Bucks.

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