Scarlet Moon Christmas Includes Holiday Compilation and Jazz Album

SAN DIEGO - NOVEMBER 23, 2022 - Scarlet Moon is pleased to unveil their annual holiday offerings to game music fans with two albums and a generous discount on their entire catalog. First, Scarlet Moon Christmas Volume VII continues the annual tradition of uniting game composers to remix holiday standards and game music, featuring contributions from Osamu Kubota (DJMAX, Beatmania), Vince DiCola (ROCKY IV, The Transformers: The Movie (1984)), and mojera, a duo comprised of legendary game composer Mitsuto Suzuki and vocalist non. Next up is the latest entry in the long-running Prescription for Sleep jazz series, Prescription for Sleep: Christmas Volume I. GENTLE LOVE (Metal Gear Solid composer Norihiko Hibino on saxophone and PersonaQ/Etrian Odyssey performer AYAKI on piano) arranges and performs Christmas classics to sleep, chill, and study to. It all features violinist maiko, who adds a rich dynamic to the duo's warm sound, and marks their first collaboration in the series since the release of Prescription for Sleep: Celeste in 2017.

Both albums and Scarlet Moon's entire catalog of music, including the Scarlet Moon Christmas and Prescription for Sleep series, can be enjoyed with a 25% discount Thanksgiving day through the end of Christmas Day using the promotional code "HOLIDAY2022" on Bandcamp:

Scarlet Moon Catalog on Bandcamp

"It's the most wonderful time of the year," comments Scarlet Moon's Jayson Napolitano. "You can count on our annual Christmas compilation, but we wanted to surprise everyone with a new album by GENTLE LOVE covering Christmas standards. If we get a good enough response, I'd love to turn this into its own series, so we hope everyone enjoys it. As always, we're thankful to the artists on our compilation album, including our Discord moderator Jamphibious, Scarlet Moon Artists composer Osamu Kubota, label engineer Mustin, former Scarlet Moon Artists composer and dear friend Vince DiCola, and our recurring special guest, mojera."

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