SMITE x RuneScape: Legends Gnome Child, King Black Dragon, and the Wise Old Man Come to SMITE

This November, the Event will feature five characters, plenty of nostalgic cosmetics, and dozens of Capes to reward PKing and earnest grinding.

ATLANTA – NOVEMBER 7 – Legendary MMOs RuneScape and Old School RuneScape by Jagex reaffirm their mythological status and come to Hi-Rez’ action-MOBA SMITE as a crossover, scheduled for November 15 with the next major Update.

With this remarkable crossover, SMITE introduces several unique features: Skill Capes straight from RuneScape that can be equipped on the event character skins, and a brand-new RuneScape-style chat option that looks like it was pulled straight from the Grand Exchange.

With no fewer than 69 Capes, players can base their pick either on looks or on how well their Cape boasts of their overdedication. The Capes, unlocked by questing, are very true to the spirit of RuneScape as they require an astronomical amount of grinding.

Wearing the Master Herblore Cape shows the world how crucial Potions are to your playstyle, as it is unlocked after drinking 3000 of them. Traveling for 15 million feet in SMITE is a lot of travel indeed; only the Master Agility Cape proves your divine legs were up to the challenge. Those with less peaceful aspirations can wear the Master Slayer Cape after a wobbling 3600 PK perpetrated in the wilderness of SMITE’s Battleground of the Gods.

All Capes can be equipped on any of five event skins, showcasing characters in the art style of Old School Gielinor. RuneScape fans should be delighted to become the famed NPC Wise Old Man as Merlin, a regular Gnome Child with a Vamana skin, or the King Black Dragon – a perfect fit for Cerberus. And yes—King Black Dragon can also wear any of the Capes. Rune Armor Bellona and Blessed Dragonhide Neith could very well be player characters straight from RuneScape. The event will also feature music, cosmetic packs, and more flavorful features from the game.

The union of the fantasy worlds of SMITE and RuneScape feels like a natural match. Both these competitive multiplayer titles are full of nostalgic vibes with a tone ranging from epic to goofy. What’s more, each game has long been cherishing an engaged community of fans avid for memes. What is a King Black Dragon to a God? What is a God to a… Gnome Child?

Full details on this crossover and on all the upcoming content will be covered during the Update Show happening on the SMITE Twitch channel in just two days, on November 9, at 3pm EDT.

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