Space capsule sim Interkosmos 2000 is out today on Meta Quest 2

Warsaw, Poland, September 1st, 2022 - Listen up space cowboy! Ovid Works is launching Interkosmos 2000, the follow-up to its whimsical VR space sim Interkosmos, today at 7pm CET on Meta Quest 2 for $19.99. Get ready for an even wilder, weirder, and more wondrous adventure as you experience the intense exhilaration of spaceflight!

Interkosmos 2000 puts players in an experimental space capsule on the eve of the year 2000. If you’re to land this rusty bucket of bolts in one piece you’ll have to manage your engines, control your navigation and guidance systems, and maintain your environmental systems. Interkosmos 2000’s rousing Story Mode launches you on a race to save humanity from the Y2k bug. This risky adventure will require you to perform delicate maneuvers between asteroids and space stations, as well as between the interests of competing space agencies. Should you complete your mission, you just might save the future – and yourself. Should you fail? Let’s not think about that.

Interkosmos 2000 fully realizes your space jockey fantasies in a realistic space capsule complete with buttons, switches, blinking lights, gauges, and valves, along with the latest in 90s space-tech like 3.5" floppy disks, a space handbrake, state of the art AI, and your trusty wrench to get you out of a pinch. All accompanied with binaural sound design and gorgeous visuals to bring your surroundings to life. With extra game modes, stunning visuals and more hours of replayability than ever, the year 2000 has never been so thrilling!

"One of the chief joys of VR is to really immerse players in a place, and few spaces are as awe inspiring and majestic as, well, space,” said Zaq Chojecki, Game Director at Ovid Works. "Interkosmos 2000 captures that feeling of being miles above the earth hurtling through the cosmos at breakneck speed while the cold vacuum of oblivion does everything in its power to tear your craft asunder. We wanted Interkosmos 2000 to provide a larger than life take on space travel that’s full of exciting challenges and dynamic situations brought to life through the magic of VR!"

Ovid Works is now working on a Sandbox Mode that will open up the game by adding mechanics to calculate orbital transfers, which will allow players to play with no guidance and complete various scenarios. The Sandbox Mode will be added in a patch post-launch.

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