Super UFO Fighter Brings the Extra-terrestrial Party to Switch, PC this January

Super UFO Fighter, the head-to-head party action game from Japanese indie developer VV-LABO and published by Phoenixx, warps over to Steam for PC and Nintendo Switch for release on Thursday, Jan. 13, 2022, as revealed at INDIE Live Expo Winter 2021.

Compete to be the galaxy’s best Shwooper in colorful 1v1 battles with pixel physics! Use each UFO’s Shwoop Beam and Smash Attacks to fling items around the stage in search of the Target Item found in falling capsules. Once the Target Item is under the sway of Shwoop Beam, deposit it in the goal by outflying your opponent, scoring a long-range using game’s spacy pixel physics, or by taking advantage of the unique gimmicks on each stage. When on defense, use your own beam to block and steal the Target Item, deposit regular items in goals to raise or lower barriers, or use Smash Attacks to gain the upper hand!

Learn to become a super Shwooper in the single-player Story mode. Accidentally abducted human girl Lulu finds herself exploring the ultra-colorful universe as the next big Shwooper. Duke it out with other UFO contenders in locales like the Shwoop Stadium, Bubbletopia Palace and Corner Caboodle, using each stage’s Gimmick to become the galactic champion!

Probe your way through the rankings in one of six different UFOs, each with different Shwoop Beams and Smash Attacks. Become the most extra extraterrestrial by competing in online UFO battles, with ranked, casual, and friend modes. Super UFO Fighter also supports cross-platform multiplayer to Shwoop it up with friends in other galaxies. Local play is also supported and is designed for Tabletop mode on the Switch with two Joy-Cons.

Super UFO Fighter is the game that brought our team together, and we’re excited for it to bring friends together,” said Taro Masuda, main programmer and art director, VV-LABO. “We look forward to putting people’s friendships to the test in early 2022.”

For more information on Super UFO Fighter, please visit the official website, and follow the game on Twitter.

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