Surviving and Thriving - Green Hell VR Celebrates during Steam VR Fest

KATOWICE, Poland, July 18, 2022 - In celebration of the Steam VR Fest July 18-25, we’re sharing and growing Green Hell VR for fans everywhere. Green Hell VR continues to flourish with new updates and features, including Steam Achievements and Challenge Modes. For explorers who haven’t yet faced the Amazon adventure can take advantage of a limited-time bundle and sale for PC/PCVR editions.

For those who haven’t yet ventured into Green Hell VR in any form, we have put reviewers to the test and collected some of their experiences for you. Enjoy a brand new trailer featuring accolades from outlets around the world on their trip through our version of the Amazon here:

Here We Grow The Amazon is a vast, dynamic place teeming with life and always growing. We have heard from our players and wanted to highlight the ongoing developments of Green Hell VR on PC VR, available on Steam. In our latest update, we have added

  • Challenge Modes: are you a survival specialist? Test your skills against the clock from the new Challenge Modes based on some of the fundamental mechanics of the game. Become The Hunter by collecting meat from 13 different animals, or the ultimate walking weapon in The Blacksmith by crafting a metal spear and metal armor - one for each limb!

  • No one Left Behind: We’ve added a left-handed mode in game, replacing the need for custom Steam input bindings completely.

For those that need extra motivation, Steam Achievements have been added. Achievement hunters of the original Green Hell will note some familiar favorites, plus brand new ones exclusive to the PC VR edition, including Fruit Slicer and Strongman.

We have made your journey through the jungle a bit more survivable by improving existing features, like a 10% bigger backpack, 12-hour clock displays, as well as several fixes and quality of life improvements. Especially as you stare down one of the most formidable opponents in the jungle - yourself - in the Challenge modes or when chasing Achievements. Full changes can be found on our Steam Page. Choose Your Own Adventure Now that you know just how intense this game can be, the next choice is how you want to experience the immersive, massively detailed deadly terrain through the eyes of anthropologist Jake Higgins. For PC/PCVR players, we have bundled the original Green Hell with Green Hell VR from July 18 - August 1, saving players 20% off individual prices. If you want to experience the PC VR version alone, save 20% until August 1.

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