Tapeworm Disco Puzzle is now available for playdate!

Tapeworm Disco Puzzle is now available for playdate! This version is a native port written in c by Valdir Salgueiro. The crank is used as an option to wind the worm back into the tape. The game can be purchased on itchio and sideloaded onto the console.

Tapeworm puzzle disco is a grid based puzzle game where you play as a tapeworm; the local night club owner. It's your job to make sure the fleas enjoy themselves. You'll be helping them collect blood, play bangin tunes and get them to gigs on time.

The game plays like a mix between lolo and snake. It features 100 levels, 5 of which are boss levels that act a bit more like snake.

The game was initially created for the NES but the concept came from thinking of ideas for the playdate crank. The NES version was funded on kickstarter in 2021 and met the playdate stretch goal. Anyone who backed the kickstarter will get a code for the game.

For those who missed the kickstarter the game is on itch.io

There will be a launch discount to $6 for a limited time after which the price will go to the normal $9

Includes the game file, a pdf manual and the soundtrack.

It was mentioned during the kickstarter that this game is one of the first playdate games you could technically buy/preorder. The game is available on loads of platforms now, NES, Dreamcast, PC, Evercade, playdate and more to come. This is the first time tapeworm has come to a portable device.

The NES version of the game recently featured on “Retros” top 100 NES Homebrews at the number #2 spot.

“It does feel a little weird doing retro stuff for a brand new piece of hardware.” Ally Low

“The difficulty starts off easy but really cranks up by the end.” Ally Low

“The 100 levels should last you a few hours but you'll be itching for more” Ally Low


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