Terror of Hemasaurus – release date confirmed for retro city smash 'em up on PC and consoles

06 OCTOBER, 2022 – Get ready to rampage with monster-sized arcade action – Terror of Hemasaurus is coming soon to PC and consoles, publisher Digerati is thrilled to announce. The city smashing, human squishing, apocalyptic fun kicks off 17th October on PC (Steam, Epic, GOG, and other storefronts), priced $12.99 and with a 20% discount for a limited time.

Console versions will follow in December, arriving 5th Dec for PlayStation, 6th Dec for Nintendo Switch, and 7th Dec for Xbox. Combining awesome pixel devastation and stupidly big explosions, Terror of Hemasaurus is the next game from Super Blood Hockey developer, Loren Lemcke.

Players take the role of one of four carnage-causing kaiju as they embark on a devastating, and darkly funny, trail of destruction that takes them across the USA as part of a dubious last ditch plan by The Church of the Holy Lizard to save humanity from its own reckless disregard of the planet. Your mission: destroy everything!

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