The first Balkan visual novel – The Wheel of Fortune - is coming December 1st to Steam and itch!

Play the role of a deadbeat internet junkie who wants to turn his life around. Lady Luck is a fickle mistress to you – after years of unlucky breaks, fate has brought three women into your life. Will you take hold of destiny's reins and start a new life with a hot Balkan waifu, or are you doomed to wallow in post-Soviet depression for the rest of your girlfriend-free days?

The Wheel of Fortune features three Slavic vixens to woo, multiple endings to find and over 40 beautifully illustrated scenes for your enjoyment. 30+ turbo-folk infused songs and remixes complement the visual splendor with authentic ex-Yugoslavian melodies, perfect for smashing glasses while intoxicated.

A unique feature of The Wheel of Fortune is – well, the Wheel itself! Every in-game day, the Wheel spins and decides your luck at random. The spin will impact the events of the following day – terrible luck might leave you without dialogue choices or charming opportunities, while the elusive lucky spin may unlock secrets otherwise unknown. Your luck can change every playthrough, even with the same choices!

As this is the first Balkan visual novel, we at Takujin Software have taken great care to make it as authentic and representative as possible. Never before has the gaming intelligentsia seen such a detailed and true-to-life adaptation of the Slavic NEET life! In an effort to stay pure to the source material of Balkan lifestyles, The Wheel of Fortune features uncensored illustrations, politically incorrect dialogue and has absolutely no shame in exploiting the Balkan setting, just like a true Illirian would do! Combined with the globalised appeal of imageboards and internet culture, Wheel of Fortune is an unstoppable force of Balkan anime domination!

The Wheel of Fortune is a one-man passion project made by the disputed chief of Takujin Software, VAISKO, fueled by years of unmitigated anime consumption and questionable life choices.

The Wheel of Fortune will be available on Steam and itch for 7.40 Eurobucks on December 1st.

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