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Windfolk: Trydian Edition now has a release date on PS4 and Steam

You better be ready for this upcoming experience with your jetpack properly adjusted to your size. Windfolk: Sky Is Just the Beginning, the game developed by Fractal Fall, and edited by Gammera Nest with support from PlayStation Talents, will be available on September 27th on Steam with a standalone edition and a special Trydian Edition. The Tyridian Edition also will be available on PlayStation Storeon the same day. So, if you want to join an open-air war, propelled by your flying-backpack, don’t miss the opportunity to get the launch bundle.

Save the date, on September 27th you can buy the standalone edition of Windfolk for 10.99€ / $10.99. For now, be sure to add the game to your Steam and PlayStation Store wishlists. Regardless, if you are looking for a more exclusive edition, don’t miss out on the special Trydian Edition: available on PS4 for €14.99 / $14.99, get the game, four avatars plus the OST. And available on Steam for €12.99 / $12.99, where you get the game plus the OST.

Why should you hurry up and get your copy of the game as soon as possible? Windfolk: Sky Is Just de Beginning is an intense experience, full of dynamic action and speed. It takes place in an open world where you’ll need to learn how to navigate not only in 3D but also moving up and down in the air.

Eurian is a planet composed of floating islands. Their inhabitants must make use of their jetpacks to move around, flying. However, the mineral that allows these islands to float is the high-priced trydian, and two factions are fighting over its possession. The war between the most powerful nation on the planet and the revels has started.

You will be in control of Esen, from the revels, and you’ll have to undertake missions from a wide range: exploration, flying, pursuit, racing, and fighting. Furthermore, you’ll be riding the sky of Eurian at maximum speed, finding new weapons (such as rifles, missile launchers, guns…), surviving crossfire situations, pursuing spacecrafts, dodging bullets, winning races, and much more.

Windfolk includes different game modes: campaign mode, with 8 levels, and arcade mode, with 7 levels. You can create your own fighting style by combining different abilities and weapons. And on the top, add the amazing soundtrack of the game.

Featured content:

  • Special edition Windfolk: Trydian Edition: on PS4, it includes the game + 4 avatars + OST. On Steam, it includes the game + OST.

  • This game is full of action where the main character can move with no restrictions in all directions, including flying up and down.

  • Well-polished flying mechanics.

  • Different game modes to immerse yourself in the story, or enjoy the diverse mechanics of races, shootings, and much more.

  • An immersive soundtrack that creates a more intense experience while you explore the skies of Eurian.

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