Zen-like Idle Game Forest Island Updated with a New Biome

SEATTLE - APRIL 4, 2022 |NEOWIZ has announced that its zen-like idle Game Forest Island (Android and iOS) has been updated with an all-new biome for players to explore. The Forest Island biome offers players much to discover including a pair of new animals. Once the location has been unlocked, adventurers can set off to find the normal Gorilla and the ultra-rare Silverback Gorilla.

In addition to a new location and new creatures to discover, players will also find tons of new additions to Forest Island. The Animal Inventory system is included in the update that allows users to permanently store winter-exclusive animals such as the Arctic Fox, Baby Wolf, and more. Up to the addition of the Animal Inventory, these critters had been living on Snowflake Island but with the new system, stored animals can be located in currently existing landmarks.

Players will also be delighted to learn that the gold amount to unlock Raccoon Trees and Aerie have been reduced to assist in the adjustment of the game balance. The number of hearts received through animals has also been increased and players will grow faster thanks to new quests and growth levels.

Fans and players can learn more details about this exciting new update by visiting the Forest IslandFacebook page.

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